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We can help you enhance your story and offer a range of content solutions so you can connect with your audience of global citizens most effectively.

Your story is

The very first thing that your customers i.e. global citizens look for is a story that they can connect to. The values, ethos and culture of your business are as important to them as the actual end product. With a strong and clear story, you can activate global citizens and get them moving.

Running a business AND dealing with content? Oh no!

You’re running an inspiring business, you’re managing a team of workers, you’re overcoming hurdles in policy... and now you’re supposed to use your remaining mental resources to come up with exciting content for your website, socials, newsletter and who knows what else! Unless you are the second coming of da Vinci himself, this is near impossible to do.

Let us take care of the not-so-fun bits 😉

The very same tasks that you find yourself procrastinating over are the ones that give us joy, energy and a sense of purpose. We love diving into the stories of inspiring businesses and creating content to connect them with global citizens. We’ve been doing this for years and we’re pretty damn good at it.

How about we each do what fuels our drive? You keep running that dream business and making the world a better place and we’ll be on the sidelines, making notes and whipping up top-tier content!

Now why would you trust us?

We know that your business is like your baby and it is excruciating to hand any aspect of its functioning to anyone else. How do we know this? That’s how we see our business too. Pinky promise that we’ll treat it with utmost love and respect.

We’ve been in the content biz for years and we’ve worked exclusively with ethical brands and businesses. We share your values and your vision. We bat for the same larger cause. By working with us, you get to be a part of a rapidly growing movement of global citizens that are shaping the future of cities!

Let’s get moving!

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s schedule a call and talk about the ways in which we can be of service to you. You can browse through our list of services and packages and see if something jumps out at you. Otherwise, we can tailor-make the content package of your dreams!

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We can help you tell your story through:

Website content

Simple, powerful, creative website content that prioritise user-accessibility.


Stay connected with your community through interactive, creative digital newsletters.


Posts, micro-blogs & stories created based on latest trends and tools.


Articles and series that go deep into relevant topics in catchy ways.

Event comms

Appealing banners, texts & flyers that get citizens excited about your events.

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Our all-woman team

We are a team of global citizens who are passionate about shaping the future of their cities. After years of working with ethical businesses, creating inspiring travel content and curating value-based events, we have converged our vision to inject fresh energy into storytelling - the glue that binds the world together.

Rosa Hudepohl
The Strategy Maestro

Rosa’s brain is constantly joining the dots and connecting people to visions, ideas and initiatives. Her ability to make functional constellations out of daring dreams is the fuel that keeps our work relevant and juicy.

Get to know Rosa
Anouschka Trauschke
The Community Builder

Anouschka’s history of creating communities amidst business owners and visionaries lends a larger sense of purpose to what we do. She keeps the movement alive and kicking by linking it to like-minded initiatives.

Get to know Anouschka
Ash Shah
The Wordsmith

Ash believes that stories are the building blocks of the observable universe. She wants to actively reshape the story of the world that we tell ourselves, starting with the stories of our cities and how we interact with them.

Get to know Ash
Juliette Krantz
The Visual Storyteller

Juliette believes that cities are made organically by citizens. She drinks in the details of every place she inhabits so that she can deepen her understanding of its social tissue. Through illustration, she hopes to visually depict the latent potential of cities and their people.

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