A city can be a revolution as long as citizens are inspired by thestory of changearound them.

We dive into what makes your city unique and build content strategies that inspire global citizens to engage with the impact-driven initiatives in your city!

Let's create the story of your city together

A city can be a revolution as long as citizens are inspired by the story of change around them. You have impact-driven businesses shaping the future of your city and you have global citizens who are hungry for action towards change. We are the link between the two. We will create the story of your city together.

Citizens have changed but content hasn’t!

Most content about cities fixates on the same mainstream and outdated articles that global citizens are tired of. They want something fresh and relevant that can align with their values. They want stories, they want intimacy, they want uniqueness.

It’s hard to keep track of what this rapidly growing niche wants. Wipe the sweat off your brow because luckily, we are part of that niche! Let us build you a content bridge to help you tap into the needs of this new demographic of global citizens.

Content creation with a purpose

As finicky, values-driven global citizens ourselves, we know exactly what our demographic seeks. We make content that is interactive, engaging, visually appealing and story-centred. We analyse trends and build purposeful campaigns. In short, we want to capture the story of your incredible city, magnifying all things little and large!

Now why would you trust us?

We’ve been working with both impact-driven businesses and global citizens for years. We know how to share stories ethically and effectively so that both parties are thrilled. We’ve been brewing a larger movement to activate global citizens and shape the future of cities. We will help you create a story that brings your city into the limelight as a driver for change. And we’ll make sure it’s all easy on the eyes 😉.

Let’s get moving!

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s schedule a call and talk about the ways in which we can support you. You can browse through our list of services and see if something jumps out at you. We are keen to tailor-make the content package of your dreams!

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What we are currently working on with cities inThe Netherlands

Storytelling for Global Goals

We use the power of community & storytelling to bring the global goals closer to citizens of Dutch cities and inspire them to use their own unique personal skills to contribute.

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Photo: De Gezonde Stad, Amsterdam

Our all-woman team

We are a team of global citizens who are passionate about shaping the future of their cities. After years of working with ethical businesses, creating inspiring travel content and curating value-based events, we have converged our vision to inject fresh energy into storytelling - the glue that binds the world together.

Rosa Hudepohl
The Strategy Maestro

Rosa’s brain is constantly joining the dots and connecting people to visions, ideas and initiatives. Her ability to make functional constellations out of daring dreams is the fuel that keeps our work relevant and juicy.

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Anouschka Trauschke
The Community Builder

Anouschka’s history of creating communities amidst business owners and visionaries lends a larger sense of purpose to what we do. She keeps the movement alive and kicking by linking it to like-minded initiatives.

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Ash Shah
The Wordsmith

Ash believes that stories are the building blocks of the observable universe. She wants to actively reshape the story of the world that we tell ourselves, starting with the stories of our cities and how we interact with them.

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Juliette Krantz
The Visual Storyteller

Juliette believes that cities are made organically by citizens. She drinks in the details of every place she inhabits so that she can deepen her understanding of its social tissue. Through illustration, she hopes to visually depict the latent potential of cities and their people.

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