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What Kind Of Global Citizen Are You? - The Empowerment Facilitator

written by Ash Shah

Generally speaking, there are six areas in which the individual can contribute, no matter where they are in the world. You might resonate with one or more of these areas at a time, there’s no pressure to only pick one! In this article, we will talk more about global citizenship in the area of healing & empowerment and how you can make a difference.

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Real change has to act on the level of institutions, communities as well as individuals. While governments work out fair and equal policies and communities sync up in cohesion, the small matter of personal development still remains. Give a man a quiet room and a notebook and he won’t necessarily think of turning it into a gratitude journal by himself. That’s the sort of thing that a coach or a guide has to drill into your consciousness. At the end of the day, we can agree that balanced minds and balanced bodies contribute best to the creation of a balanced world, so then what’s holding us back from investing in our own well being?

The road to empowerment is both a political and personal journey. Before we figure out how to empower ourselves, the question we must ask ourselves is: what makes us feel disempowered? Unequal class structures, unintegrated societies, rough childhoods, self-limiting beliefs, institutional racism, unhealed trauma and many other culprits come to mind. While much of this remains outside the realm of our control, we can invite experiences into our life that help us rise above our imperfect conditions and recognise our inner strength and intrinsic agency. To do so, having an empowerment facilitator guide our process can be a boon, the very investment in ourselves that we never dared to take before. But when you choose to heal the world, you must first heal yourself. Ultimately, life presents each of us with endless barriers that come in the way of our fullest empowerment and we must use the most effective means available to us to overcome these barriers. In doing so, we empower ourselves to take charge of our lives, contribute to our societies meaningfully and create a free and fair world.

Empowerment looks different for everyone. If you are someone that facilitates empowerment, this is a rare gift and immense responsibility. Here are some areas of empowerment that help citizens find their power and alignment and give them the drive, capacity and desire to contribute to a fair and free world.

Creative empowerment

Improv theatre, dance, music, art, film - these are the places where your curiosity is fostered, where you can co-create with like-minded individuals and find works of art that resonate with who you are. Being able to express your truth in a safe space can give you a path to deep joy and when your cup is overflowing, it is easier to share what you have with others.

Spiritual empowerment

Whether these are coaches that help you with yoga, meditation, ecstatic dance, massage therapy, family constellations or ceremonies, it is entirely worthwhile to explore any of these methods to calibrate a richer balance of your body, mind and soul. The less baggage you carry, the more abundance and wellness you have room to invite!

Cultural empowerment

It’s no secret that certain cultures enjoy a certain privilege while others have to fight for representation. Seek out spaces where your culture (whether it is your ethnic culture, your gender culture, your political culture etc.) has unquestionable space to thrive. This could be a Queer Film Club or an Arabic Book Club or a Philosophy Symposium.

Gender empowerment

The patriarchy has held both men and women from being their most expansive selves. Joining women’s circles, men’s circles, queer circles, sexuality seminars, protests against sexism, sharing circles and so on can help you go from feeling alienated to feeling supported in your fight for equality.

Physical empowerment

Sports and fitness isn’t only the key to a healthy body but also a healthy mind. Whether it is swimming or surfing or climbing, having an outlet for your energy and an enjoyable task that demands focus and attention is crucial. When your mind is at peace, mental health issues are greatly diminished, thereby putting fewer blocks between you and your innate power.

Personal empowerment

Often, the answer to our woes is a straight up life coach. Sometimes toxic patterns and societal oppression and emotional wounds stifle our capacity to empower ourselves. Investing in a hands-on coach can be the best gift we can give to ourselves.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

that the Empowerment Facilitator supports


Good Health And Wellbeing

Ensuring physically and mentally healthy lives so that healing can become accessible.


Gender Equality

Empowering females and males to bring a balanced view to their cultures.


Reduced Inequalities

Creating a sense of equality and inclusiveness so we can have integrated communities.

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