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What Kind Of Global Citizen Are You? - The Sustainability Warrior

written by Ash Shah

Generally speaking, there are six areas in which the individual can contribute, no matter where they are in the world. You might resonate with one or more of these areas at a time, there’s no pressure to only pick one! In this article, we will talk more about global citizenship in the area of sustainable lifestyle choices and how you can make a difference.

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If you see a newspaper-wrapped birthday gift and you find yourself hoping it’s a zero waste kit or a sewing machine or a bouquet of metal straws, you are probably a sustainability warrior already! The times are changing and whether you are a lone individual of a polluter or a giant factory with chimneys billowing smoke into the stratosphere, we all need to get with the programme and choose environmentally sound alternatives.

We’re all in this together. Ultimately, a single person cannot change the world but we can certainly do our bit to be a part of the change. At the moment, our contributions might feel small and futile but in the larger scheme of things, they form the foundation of the movement towards sustainability. This is what keeps the pressure active on big companies and corporations, allows small businesses to thrive, local economies to boom and governments to take notice. In your daily life, there are many small changes you can make in order to live more sustainably so that your city is able to be a leading party in the worldwide shift towards slow but steady sustainability!

Buying from zero waste shops

Try buying your groceries at zero waste shops as much as you can to keep plastics out of your kitchen and out of the ocean!

Avoid flying

Wherever possible, opt for trains or buses rather than planes so that you can avoid increasing your carbon footprint. If you must fly, try offsetting your carbon footprint by planting trees.

Purchasing local produce

If you purchase produce that is local, seasonal and organic, not only are you eating more healthy but also supporting farmers that adopt nature-friendly practices to keep carbon emissions low.

Mending over buying

When your clothes rip, learn to mend them instead of throwing them out and buying more stuff. A simple running stitch can save you hundreds of euros in the long run!

Try composting

Use your food scraps to make a small compost for your garden or your neighbour’s garden!

Switching to reusable bottles, bags and cups

A reusable cup for your coffee, a water bottle that goes everywhere with you and a cloth bag for your groceries - this is sustainable living 101.


Rather than supporting fast fashion, you can purchase your clothes from thrift stores, charities and secondhand shops or ethical shops that sell sustainably produced clothes.

Offset your footprint

There are several platforms that allow you to plant a tree or sponsor a baby coral. Both of these act as carbon sinks and capture atmospheric carbon. While it is nearly impossible to be totally carbon-neutral in most cities, it is possible to compensate for use of electricity and so on by planting trees every month somewhere in the world!

Setting up a sustainable business

Whether it is a zero waste store, an organic produce delivery system or a slow fashion shop, it is entirely possible in today’s world to build a thriving business and career through sustainable means

UN Sustainable Development Goals

that the Sustainability Warrior supports


Zero Hunger

Donating to food security projects, supporting sustainable supply chains.


Affordable And Clean Energy

Supporting clean and green energy initiatives in your city.


Responsible Consumption And Production

Creating awareness and supporting businesses that create positive impact on planetary health.

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